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The precious metals stored by SWS s.a. are gold, silver, platin and other valuable metals and precious goods.


In order to meet our clients expectations, we provide high class  storage solutions.

We make sure of impeccable storage conditions and terms. This includes high quality storage, top security conditions and the clients' easy accessibility to their assets, as well as the clients advantage of being outside the banking system.

SWS s.a. is a Licensed Operator to the Freeport, duly licensed by the Luxembourg Customs Authorities

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We provide the service of high class security storage solutions for all kind of valuable assets, such as collection watches or cars, fine art (paintings and sculptures), jewelry, diamonds, vintage, wine, etc.

We make sure that the valuable goods are stored under proper conditions.


We either use the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Certificate or the HRD (European’s leading authority in diamond certification) Antwerp Certificate. Those are the most common and reliable diamond certificates on the market. The certificates provide detailed information about the diamonds, such as:

  • Shape,

  • carat,

  • fluoresces

  • color grade,

  • clarity grade,

  • cut grade,

  • polish,

  • symmetry,

  • measurements

  • girdle

  • culet

  • total depth

  • total width

  • crown height

  • pavilion depth

  • length halves crown

  • length halves pavilion

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