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Our top priority, when it comes to the storage of our clients good, is security. We want our clients to know that their assets are in good hands.  For that reason, we partnered with the highly secured Freeports in Luxembourg and Singapore. These are highly secure facilities, with the latest security technology and surveillance system. This storage facility offers a maximum security for different types of assets and assets of a different sizes. Furthermore, all the vaults are under 24/7 surveillance. The vaults are temperature and humidity controlled, so that sensitive assets are not damaged.

In those Freeports we own vaults. Our clients have their own safe in one of our vaults.

The advantages of storing with SWS is that the status of the Freeports (duty free zone) gives our clients "tax suspension"  advantage. By storing the valuable assets in the Freeport they are automatically insured.*  Moreover, our clients do not need to worry about being a potential target for criminals at their home or office.

* for a limited coverage amount


In order to meet our clients expectations, we provide high class  storage solutions. We make sure of impeccable storage conditions and terms. This includes high quality storage, top security conditions and the clients' easy accessibility to their assets, as well as the clients advantage of being outside the banking system.

SWS s.a. is a Licensed Operator to the Freeport, duly licensed by the Luxembourg Customs Authorities


All valuable metals that are traded are fully owned by our clients, we only provide the service of securely storing the metals and all precious goods.

Furthermore, all the metals are 100% dedicated, this means that SWS does not pool any of the traded metals.

All clients have a quick and easy access to their valuables. With a simple request our clients can access the vault from Monday to Saturday.

We give our client the possibility to store their assets in their own safe. 

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